3 To-Die-For Artificial Christmas Trees To Find For Your Home

3 To-Die-For Artificial Christmas Trees To Find For Your Home

Christmas wouldn’t be much without an evergreen tree in your living room (and maybe in a few other rooms in your home). Just think of the carols that we could no longer sing if we didn’t have Christmas trees: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” wouldn’t make you rock and “O Christmas Tree” would depress you.

Instead, we can revel in knowing how the Christmas tree tradition started, why to buy artificial instead of real, and, of course, we can decorate our lifelike Christmas trees with our favorite decor! In today’s blog, though, we’re going to focus exclusively on real-looking, artificial Christmas trees. When you buy a Christmas tree online, you want it to be an experience just like heading to a local tree lot. By looking at different types of Christmas trees, you can know just what style you want. Browse here to get a good idea or check out our page all about our large, artificial Christmas trees — you’ll want to do your research before you buy a Christmas tree online!

Colorado Blue Spruce

The Colorado Blue Spruce — or Picea pungens — is a silver, blue-green spruce full of volume, texture, and magnificence. When this tree comes to the party, it’s the star of the room. Discovered in 1862 in meadows and along streams high in the Rocky Mountains, this beautiful variety can now make its home in your living room. For a realistic, artificial Christmas tree, the Colorado Blue Spruce is just as outstanding in your home as it is in nature. Check out our Meadow’s End tree to see this fake Christmas tree that looks real.

Southern Pines

From the Loblolly to the Longleaf pine, you can’t go wrong with a realistic, artificial Christmas tree modeled after Southern pines. Even better, find a lifelike Christmas tree that even has pinecones or berries nestled into its branches to make it look even more authentic and natural. Southern pines boast large, full branches with many needles that work to give the tree a thick, voluminous look. Not sure where to get a Christmas tree like this? Our Noelle tree was inspired by our favorite Southern pines.

European Fir Trees

Be transported to Europe in the winter — complete with gentle, falling snow and opulent castles — when you buy a Christmas tree online that is reminiscent of European fir trees. These trees are recognized for their distinct upward, layered branches. Our Mt. Balsa tree was inspired by those giant firs found in castles at Christmastime, and we’re sure you’ll love this rustic Christmas tree (with 2,402 branch tips!).

Buy A Christmas Tree Online Today

It’s the most magical time of the year — and it wouldn’t be much without a real-looking, artificial Christmas tree to house all of your ornaments and presents. This year, buy a Christmas tree online from Gigi Seasons. We have the three styles of artificial Christmas trees listed above, and our large, artificial Christmas trees have the highest standards for design and quality. Browse our selection of fake Christmas trees that look real today!