6 Unique Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

6 Unique Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner — are you ready? Whether you’re shopping for the mother of your children, your own mother, or a mother figure in your life, Gigi Seasons has you covered. We offer home decor for every season, and we’re sure the mom in your life would love our spring collection.

Go ahead and browse our spring collection now, or read below to get some inspiration before jumping in. One of the most memorable, fun parts of this collection are unique flower pots — and we’re sure Mom will love them, too. Get ready to thank your mom for all she has done for you over the years by shopping for modern flower pots and terrarium vases with Gigi Seasons!

Unique Flower Pots

Whether she has an affinity for llamas, elephants, or other unique flower pots, Gigi Seasons has what you need. We’ve traveled the world to find modern flower pots worthy of your mother — and we think we’ve done a pretty dang good job. Our unique flower pots range in materials from clay to glass and incorporate many different looks. No matter what you choose, we’re sure your mother will love it.

Birthstone Jewelry

What mom doesn’t love jewelry on Mother’s Day? However, we suggest taking up the sentiment a notch by choosing birthstone jewelry for the mother in your life! You could include her month’s gemstone or even yours. Help her celebrate her motherhood by celebrating birth.

Bulb Vases

Bulb vases are unique glass vases that allow your mother’s favorite bulbs to bloom — all while she can see the roots spreading more and more each day. They’re a clean and minimalist modern flower pot, and we’re sure a glass bulb vase will look right at home in her kitchen or on a sunny windowsill.

Gardening Tools

If your mother can be found in the garden as soon as spring comes around, then get her gardening tools to support her hobby! This can be everything from new shears or a garden apron to a gardening book to expand her knowledge.

Spa Kits

The mother in your life has done so much for you. You can’t make it even by any means, but a spa kit or gift card might help. Go ahead and pamper her as much as possible this Mother’s Day!

A Make-Your-Own Terrarium

What’s even better than getting your mom new succulent vases, terrarium vases, or other unique flower pots? Making it an experience you can share. Instead, choose the vase or pot, grab some soil, and choose her favorite plants. Wrap it all up and you two can make your own terrarium together!

Shop For Unique Flower Pots Today

When you’re unsure of where to buy plant pots for your Mother’s Day gift, don’t go running to a department store. Instead, choose unique planters for succulents from a home decor boutique. Here at Gigi Seasons, we know your Mother’s Day gift will be a success if you shop our spring collection. Find unique flower pots for your mom today!