7 Presents For The New College Student In Your Life

7 Presents For The New College Student In Your Life

Whether it’s your own child or your niece, nephew, or a friend’s child, graduating from high school is a big deal. To show your pride in them and their accomplishment, a little present can go a long way.

Here at Gigi Seasons, we have trendy home decor, apartment accessories, cute office accessories, and more for every season — including graduation season!

If you are looking for good gifts for graduating seniors, then Gigi Seasons has you covered. Read today’s blog to get inspired with seven gift ideas for your favorite senior, and then shop with us today for trendy home decor and more!

Gift Cards To Restaurants

Think back to when you first started college: does the memory itself taste like ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets? That’s certainly a rite of passage for college, but that doesn’t mean your graduating senior wouldn’t like a nice meal here and there.

Apartment Accessories

Your little one is moving into their own apartment! Get them all the accessories they could want (like cute jewelry boxes, extra throw blankets, and trendy wall hangings) or they could need (like a unique doormat, a shower curtain, or pots and pans).

Trendy Luggage

You want them to come home and visit, right? Make visiting easier than ever when you provide them with trendy luggage they’ll want to pack to your house for a long weekend or spring break trip. This will also simplify everything when they move into their dorm!

Stylish Desk Accessories

They may be thinking about new friends, hobbies, and travel, but there’s one undeniable thing: college will require a lot of studying. Make studying more enjoyable by shopping for cute office accessories that will make them want to study. Shop for calendars, journals, notebooks, pens, stamps, frames, and more.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

They may be away from the comfort of their own bed, but they don’t need to completely sacrifice on comfort after moving into their apartment! Gift them a memory foam mattress topper to make that twin mattress at school feel a little more like home.

Custom Pet Portrait

One of the hardest parts of moving away from family is not seeing, playing with, and cuddling your pet every day. Make the distance seem smaller for your graduating senior by giving them a custom pet portrait of their furry friend.

Unique Flower Pots

What better way to improve air quality and boost mood in the dorm than with plants? And to make those plants cuter than ever, you’ll need creative planters that show off your senior’s fun, engaging personality. Here at Gigi Seasons, we have what you’re looking for.

Shop For Trendy Home Decor With Gigi Seasons

Whether you’re looking for doormats for sale, cute jewelry boxes, apartment accessories, unique flower pots, or stylish desk accessories, Gigi Seasons has the trendy home decor you’re looking for. We’re confident our trendy home decor will make your graduating senior even happier — and you may even find some modern home accessories for you while you’re at it! Shop today.