Christmas Design Ideas: What Christmas style are you?

Christmas Design Ideas: What Christmas style are you?

According to some people, you’re either a red-and-green Christmas or a blue-and-white Christmas. Here at Gigi Seasons, though, we don’t simply believe in new Christmas decorations that fit within these color confines. We believe in Christmas design ideas that actually match your personality — decorations that make your seasonal home more in line with your style the rest of the year.

Wondering where to buy Christmas decorations this year? You’ve found the place. When you shop with Gigi Seasons and get Christmas design ideas from us, you’ll enjoy three different styles that will transform your home into a unique winter wonderland: Bougie, Rustichic, and Boho Lodge. Read on in today’s blog to find out just what these styles are and what they encompass, and then buy new Christmas decorations from us!

Bougie Collection

From the bougie within me to the bougie with you, happy holidays. This collection of classy Christmas decorations is full of glam — from velour to sequins, silvers, and white plush, there seems to be no shortage of sophistication.

The Bougie collection from Gigi Seasons features an artificial blue spruce tree, designer Christmas stockings, fancy Christmas ornaments, and even a snow tree skirt — literally a tree skirt that looks like fallen snow! We know you’re a little extra, and everything about these contemporary Christmas decorations helps you bring out your glam at Christmas with more flair and style than ever before. After all, if you can’t get a little bougie at Christmas, then when can you be? So go ahead and indulge — we know you want to — in new Christmas decorations, and have yourself a bougie little Christmas.

Rustichic Collection

This collection is full of nostalgic Christmas decorations, and yet it has contemporary Christmas decorations at the same time! If you can never quite decide between a grittier warehouse style and a cute farmhouse look, then don’t! You can combine these two styles with new Christmas decorations from the Rustichic collection.

Get Christmas design ideas when you browse the entire collection and see how it is all laid out in our studios — and then get busy transforming your space once your order these high-end Christmas decorations. This collection features the Mt. Balsa tree, a fake Christmas tree that looks real enough for you to do double takes all season long. This collection is full of jute, denim, faux fur, and dark, luxurious colors. Check out the faux fur stocking, modern tree skirts, or classy Christmas tree decorations for yourself.

Boho Lodge Collection

This wanderlust-worthy collection of Christmas ornaments and decorations will have you dreaming of a cozy cabin in the Himalayas — and you can turn your living room into this collection when you order your new Christmas decorations from the Boho Lodge collection!

The Christmas design ideas in this collection will give you all the cozy lodge Christmas vibes you want, but with the bohemian flair you need. From faux fur trims to mini pom-pom trims, and from cabin blanket prints to bold shearling stockings, the Boho Lodge collection is just what you’re looking for. This collection is known for Noelle, a real-looking artificial Christmas tree complete with pinecones and berries, a mixture of hard and soft needles, and varied green shades. Be sure to also check out the puppy Christmas stocking (with floppy ears!), luxury Christmas tree skirts, and rustic tree ornaments.

Are your Christmas design ideas flowing yet? You can even buy a whole room of high-end Christmas decorations with one click — check out our One-Click Rooms to get all you need this year. Buy new Christmas decorations from Gigi Seasons today! We can’t wait to see how you decorate.