Destination Christmas Pt. 2: Best Locations For A Rustichic Christmas

Destination Christmas Pt. 2: Best Locations For A Rustichic Christmas

Close your eyes and dream with us: it’s December 25 and you’re off in a trendy, fun location with your friends or family. What’s the destination for this rustichic Christmas of your dreams?

Here at Gigi Seasons, we offer Christmas design ideas year-round. Our Rustichic collection is all about soft yet crisp lines and the perfect balance between modern and rustic. This collection is full of stripes, burlap, denim, and fur. Find out what Christmas style you are today (Rustichic, Boho Lodge, or Bougie) and get Christmas design ideas and new Christmas decorations from us today before you jet off across the globe for a Christmas abroad — we’re sure you’ll love one of these eight destinations. Even if you are traveling on the holiday, there’s no reason your home shouldn’t look as festive as usual.


Have your passport in tow and ready for some across-the-pond fun? These four destinations are crowd pleasers all year long, but especially so at Christmas.


Sure, Germany may be on our list of Bougie Christmas destinations as well, but can you even call yourself a Christmas fan if you don’t pay homage to the place where Christmas practically started? Christkindlesmarkts abound to satisfy your love of markets. The Rustichic collection’s lifelike Christmas tree is inspired by the giant firs found in European castles at Christmastime, so check out Neuschwanstein Castle while you’re there!


Fit in some of that pastoral fun and touring when you visit Ireland this Christmas. The rolling hills, cloudy days, and plenty of wildlife will meet your love for all things rustic, so be sure to stay in the country for this visit.

New Zealand

Craving something a bit warmer? Travel down south to New Zealand where there are sunny beaches, plenty of hikes, and even lots of farming.

United Kingdom

Stay in the U.K. for your visit and get your fix of both rustic and chic! Whether you’re just outside the city or you spend a few days in the country and a few right in the heart of London, you’ll love this destination at Christmas.


If traveling out of the country isn’t an option right now, there is still plenty to do and see on our shores! Here are our top four picks for a rustichic Christmas in the states:

Boston, Massachusetts

There’s so much history, architecture, and food to explore, which is just right for the rustichic traveler. The city will bustle with extra energy and excitement at Christmas, which you’ll thrive off of.

Charleston, South Carolina

Head to the beach, hit up some museums, or try some famously fresh seafood! You may be right on the coast and experience some extra cold because of the humidity, but this is a quaint yet lively place to be for Christmas.

Seattle, Washington

Head up to Washington state and experience all Seattle — and its nearby coastline — has to offer! There’s never a shortage of things to do here, but be sure to bring a scarf and raincoat!

Waco, Texas

Outside of our collection, of course, nothing quite says rustichic like Joanna Gaines and Magnolia Market — and you can tour it all for yourself right in Waco, Texas.

Need Christmas Design Ideas? Shop With Us For Your Rustichic Christmas

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