How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

We’ve all seen those cute plants in glass jars in hipster stores and on your trendy coworker’s desk. Want to make your own magic happen with a glass vase terrarium? DIY succulent terrariums are fast, easy, inexpensive, and fun! It’s a unique flower pot that you can enjoy for yourself or give as a beautiful gift.

In today’s blog, we’re going to walk you through everything you’ll need and what to do to make your own terrarium. If you’re in need of a terrarium vase, then you can count on us. We offer unique flower pots for every style, including glass succulent planters!

What You’ll Need To Make Your Own Terrarium

It’s time to let your creativity shine! Though there are specific elements you need to make your own terrarium, you can be creative, for example, in which terrarium vase, plants, or stones you choose.

  • Glass terrarium vase. There are plenty of unique flower pots out there. For a terrarium, you’ll want a glass one so you can see all the interesting layers you make with the rest of the objects on this list.
  • Gravel, stones, or sea glass. Excess water will rot your plants’ roots. Small stones or pebbles at the base of your terrarium vase will help water to drain.
  • Activated charcoal. You can find this at a nursery or pet supply store, and you won’t need much. A thin layer will help keep water fresh and fight off the growth of bacteria.
  • Plants. Obviously you’ll need some greenery for your DIY succulent terrarium! Choose small ones that will work well together (and look for an upcoming blog on the best plants for terrariums!).
  • Potting mix. Pretty much any potting soil will be fine for your modern flower pot. Just make sure to get the correct kind if you plant succulents or cacti.
  • Moss (optional). Moss provides a unique look for your terrarium vase and adds a bit more color and texture. It can also help soak up any extra water.
  • Decorative objects (optional). Be creative! Place shells, ornaments, or other figurines in your terrarium if it suits your fancy.

How To Make A Succulent Terrarium

Now, put it all together! It really is pretty simple:

  1. Cover the bottom of your new terrarium vase with small stones or pebbles. You want it to be about 1½ inches thick. If you choose to add moss, then place the moss at the bottom and then add the stones.
  2. Add a very thin layer of your activated charcoal.
  3. Add a layer of potting soil.
  4. Add your plants! Start with your largest first and work everything else around that.
  5. Add another layer of pebbles.

Don’t overwater! You should most likely need to water every two weeks or so — when the soil is dry.

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