The Story Behind the Puffer HUG™

The Story Behind the Puffer HUG™

The Origin of the Puffer HUG

It all began when my two sons were much younger (now 18 and 23) and wanted to make Christmas gifts for extended family that were meaningful AND useful.

A mom pal and I decided to join forces and make this a fun project for all of our kids. The catch was we needed an idea simple enough for the kids to create, while being something that would be cherished by their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

We happened upon a shoulder wrap pattern that could easily and inexpensively be made out of fleece. It had deep pockets on each end and conveniently involved minimal sewing. Perfect!

After some thought, we decided that instead of calling it a “wrap” (BORING!), we’d call it a HUG, because that’s what our kids really wanted to give family members for the holiday… a big, warm, enveloping hug.

As the Gigi Seasons team and I were developing ideas for our fall/winter PLAYFUL line, I remembered how much everyone adored those “HUGS” we created so long ago.

Many friends and family members still have them tucked away for a brisk morning, chilly evening, or a simple reminder that they’re incredibly loved.

2020 seemed the perfect year to bring back the HUGS…something we’ve all been deeply missing from friends and far away family, for sure.

The Gigi Seasons team and I have had such fun designing the Puffer HUG, giving it a modern puffer outside, and the coziest fleece we could find on the inside. We added beautiful stitching, deeper pockets, and more versatility with “scarf mode”.

Say hello to the Puffer HUG! Made to keep you cozy and warm, while adding a playful layer of fun to your everyday style.

Worn over the shoulders or as the perfect scarf, it’s just what fall and winter ordered. We truly hope you and your favorite people love it as much as we do!

Now, who’s ready for a big ol’ HUG!?


Meredith Sinclair


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