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Small Kasbah Wheelcart Planter

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Use this succulent vase for trendy home or office decor!

  • This succulent vase is made from dolomite, a durable, stylish material that you’ll love.
  • Creative planters are creative because of their details, like the wheels on this unique planter for succulents.
  • Whether you’re using it as a stylish desk accessory or an indoor plant container, this planter will garner attention wherever it goes.
With beautiful succulents sticking out the top of the Small Kasbah Wheelcart Planter, the contrast between the green and white will be a showstopper. If you’re looking for succulent vases, look no further. This creative planter will stand the test of the time — and look dang stylish while it’s at it. Shop with Gigi Seasons today for this and other succulent vases or trendy home decor you’ll love.