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The Rustichic Ornament Collection - 180 pieces/100 pieces

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 These modern Christmas ornaments still maintain the classic look you love.

  • Choose from 100 pieces or 180 pieces to fit your artificial Christmas tree just right. We recommend 100 pieces for 4- to 6.5-foot trees and 180 pieces for 6.5- to 9-foot trees.
  • The small, medium, large, and extra large balls are all shatterproof to prevent breakage, and the different sizes will help you get a full, robust look with your new Christmas decorations.
  • Enjoy the handy, reusable storage case with a handle — with plenty of hooks to hang your Christmas ornaments and decorations.

What's the story?

A proper ornament collection should give a tree lover new things to discover with every viewing, and the Rustichic ornament collection does just that. From silver-tipped pine cones to flat snowflakes to teardrop ornaments, each modern Christmas ornament in this collection will have you finding something new each time you look at your lifelike Christmas tree. This collection even comes with a majestic silver star tree-topper to complete the look. Shop with Gigi Seasons for high-end Christmas decorations today.

Like the look? Get the whole collection with the Rustichic One-Click Room!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Extra large balls in matte black and iridescent white mica glitter
  • Medium balls in taupe, silver mica glitter, and distressed metal
  • Molded tear drop balls in metal with silver glitter snowflakes
  • Large balls with diamond textured pattern in matte black
  • Large balls in matte silver, matte pale blue, matte white, and glitter white
  • Medium spiral balls in silver and pale blue
  • Medium balls in silver and brown melting snow pattern
  • Medium balls in silver, black, and white plaid
  • Medium balls with brown and silver snowflake pattern
  • Small balls with pineapple pattern in silver glitter
  • Large black balls with “PEACE JOY + LOVE” written in white glitter
  • Silver glitter flat snowflakes
  • White glitter flat snowflakes
  • Large natural pine cones tipped with silver glitter
  • 8.5” silver glitter star tree topper
  • Ornament hooks