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About Us

Exploring the globe for unique and affordable seasonal home décor.

Gigi Seasons package with ornaments

At Gigi Seasons you'll discover beautiful home décor treasures to help you celebrate all the seasons of your life - Christmas, Easter, autumn - and everything in between.

Gigi's inspiration comes from that person we all know (or wish we knew!) who has a unique way of celebrating everything.

Maybe it's an aunt with a flair for Christmas decorations. One year she'll do plaids, the next silver icicles, another flamingos. Her style is surprising and fun (she probably wears moo-moos and ear-rings year-round!) and she owns it.

No matter who your inspiring "someone" is, we believe there's a little bit of them - and Gigi - in all of us.

That's why we travel the world in search of products that let you explore and change your individual style. Each and every season.

Read about "Gigi Cares: Projects for Humanity" - our way of giving back and supporting the people and communities who make what we do possible.