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About Us

We started Gigi Seasons in front of a fireplace in Chicago while putting sad old decorations up for the last time.

We remembered our Aunt who did Christmas differently every year. She wore moo-moos and hoop earrings, too.

One year it was plaids, the next silver icicles, another flamingos. It was surprising and fun, and she owned it.

We believe there’s a little Gigi is in all of us, so we started a company to make Christmas decorations that let you bring your individual style to each year's Christmas - making your seasonal home more in line with the way you decorate all year long.

Like whites and shimmery silvers?  You're a little Bougie. Prefer a grittier warehouse meets farmhouse look? Go Rustichic. Crave a cozy cabin in the Himalayas? You're pure Boho Lodge

Welcome to a whole new kind of Christmas, from Gigi!