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Experience The Gigi Seasons Difference This Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but it’s certainly not looking like your mother’s Christmas. There are no doilies or other tired Christmas decorations in sight — only decor that perfectly matches your style and personality. Whether you’re looking for the boho lodge, rustichic, or bougie Christmas of your dreams, Gigi Seasons has you covered.

No Christmas is complete, of course, without a rustic tree blanketed by decorations and surrounded by presents. Not sure where to buy artificial Christmas trees? Count on us for quality, artificial Christmas trees you’ll love for years to come.


Why Buy Artificial Christmas Trees?

The idea of heading off to find a live Christmas tree may make you nostalgic, but there are many benefits when you buy an artificial Christmas tree instead.

1. Artificial Trees Are More Economical

Christmas has enough costs wrapped up as cute little presents you can’t resist. Instead of forking out more money each Christmas for a good-smelling but messy real tree, pay a little more upfront — and don’t pay for another 10 years or more! It’s a one-time investment that truly pays off.

2. Artificial Trees Don’t Have Bugs Or Diseases

After spending money on a live Christmas tree, hauling it home, getting it into the tree stand, and cleaning up fallen needles, you notice bugs. It’s a recipe for disaster, and it’s certainly not something you want to bring into your home. Opt for a fake Christmas tree that looks real instead.

3. Artificial Trees Are Safer

Climbing underneath your live Christmas tree to water it is obnoxious enough, but having to be diligent enough about it that you don’t catch anything on fire? Well, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. A lifelike Christmas tree still receives electricity of course, but your risk of fire is far lower.

4. Artificial Trees Are Convenient

One of our favorite aspects of quality, artificial Christmas trees? They’re easier. Savor not cleaning up needles or watering; revel in pulling it out of storage rather than painstakingly hauling it home; enjoy the easy set-up; and love the easy take-down and storage rather than composting it and doing it all again next year.


Why Buy Christmas Trees Online From Gigi Seasons?

So, ultimately, what is the Gigi difference? It’s being able to decorate in a way that truly matches your personality without sacrificing quality. Here are the four aspects of our large, artificial Christmas trees that truly set them apart from the rest.

Realistic Branches

From the branch design to the tips to the color, you almost won’t be able to tell it’s a fake Christmas tree. Our True Tree™ Tips technology and the sheer number of branch tips on each tree create a lifelike Christmas tree.

Timeless Quality

When you buy a Christmas tree online, you want quality; you want to know the foliage will last for years, which you’ll certainly get with Gigi Seasons. We’re so confident in our design and products that we offer refunds within 30 days of purchase and three-year limited warranties.

Pre-Strung, Clear Lights

Say goodbye to tangled strings of lights and the headache that ensues. When you buy an artificial Christmas tree from Gigi Seasons, your tree comes with 400-500 pre-strung warm, clear lights.

Unparalleled Convenience

No more hauling a tree back from the lot and cleaning up needles incessantly. Our quality, artificial Christmas tree will be delivered right to your doorstep — we won’t fly to your home and slide down the chimney, but we’ll get close.

Ready to buy a Christmas tree online? Gigi Seasons is your answer. Order your lifelike Christmas tree from us today and get ready for your best Christmas yet.