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Llama Planter


Quirky home decor? No prob llama.

  • If you’re a no-drama llama, then this creative planter is for you because of its durable stoneware and simple yet fun design.
  • This quirky home decor in white is complemented by the pink, blue, and purple detailing that set it apart — including eyelashes!
  • While we love glass succulent planters, there’s something to be said for this succulent vase made of stoneware.
Decorating a house or shopping for stylish desk accessories is easier than ever when you shop with Gigi Seasons. Take this piece of quirky home decor, for example. Simply fill it with your favorite succulents or plants and you have a creative planter that will attract attention wherever it goes. Shop with us today for modern flower pots that will improve your aesthetic and plant collection.