4 Reasons To Use A Tree Skirt When You Have An Artificial Tree

4 Reasons To Use A Tree Skirt When You Have An Artificial Tree

Tree skirts got their start back in the day when Christmas trees were decorated with candles. The skirt would catch candle wax and pine needles and make the festive scene easier to clean up later.

Chances are high, though, that you didn’t know that’s how Christmas tree skirts originated. You’re not alone! Tree skirts are still common today despite not needing to catch falling wax, but not just to catch falling needles from live Christmas trees. If you’re browsing tree skirts for sale and are wondering if you should get one for your artificial Christmas tree, then read our blog for four reasons you’ll want one.

To Embrace Tradition

Tevye may have been onto something when he started singing about tradition in “Fiddler on the Roof.” Why do we do even have Christmas trees anyway? And what about Christmas ornaments? The answer can be summed up in one word: tradition.

When it comes to holidays, you’re always able to create fun family traditions of your own, but there’s something to be said for traditions passed down throughout the centuries. Tree skirts are one of those traditions.

We’re not saying you need to find a wax-stained tree skirt for under your tree this year. You can always modernize the tradition with a bougie tree skirt, go trendy with a rustichic tree skirt, or opt for an inviting boho lodge tree skirt. Regardless, it’s fun to honor traditions and have a festive spirit in your home during the holiday season.

To Give Your Cat A Napping Spot

Is there anything more precious than a cat playing with ornaments and then slowly nodding off to sleep, eyelids drooping, right underneath the Christmas tree? It’s the purr-fect scene each Christmas, and posting it on Instagram is sure to garner you a like or two.

Why not give your furry friends a little present under the tree and not just in their cat Christmas stocking? You won’t have to wrap it, and your cat can enjoy it all season long. There may be a lot of fur on the tree skirt by the time you’re taking down Christmas, but tree skirts were originally created to make cleaning up at the end of the season easier anyway, right?

To Cover The Tree Base, Cords

Let’s face it: artificial tree bases aren’t the prettiest. Whether they’re metal or plastic, they’re frequently black or green to make them less noticeable. But that paint job isn’t fooling anyone — there’s an unattractive tree base down there, and presents won’t always do the trick of covering it up.

A cute white and silver tree skirt will certainly do the job though (or any other color for that matter)! The base will be hidden from sight — along with any unsightly cords — and you won’t have anything to worry about! Your friends won’t be seeing any unattractive tree base or cords under the tree once presents and a flash of color from the tree skirt are covering it all up.

To Decorate Even More

Given the chance to be either the Grinch or Buddy the Elf, we think it’s pretty obvious who the good choice would be. So stick to the four main food groups this Christmas (candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup), make snow angels for hours, and decorate as much as you possibly can! Buddy would be proud of you.

Honestly, though, why wouldn’t you relish in another opportunity to add some Christmas cheer to your living room. It’s not enough to embellish your fireplace, bedroom, staircase, and beyond. Cover every space with your favorite holiday colors and patterns, and the season will surely be even more magical.

Your Christmas tree is the crown jewel of your holiday decorations, so don’t stop until it’s perfect! From the star on top all the way down to the tree skirt below, you have the opportunity to create a masterpiece Saint Nicholas will pause to admire.

Whatever your taste is — a modern tree skirt, classic tree skirt, bougie tree skirt, or more — Gigi Seasons has what you need this Christmas. You’ll find plenty of tree skirts for sale when you shop with us, and you’ll love their character, quality, and beauty. Shop with us today — your cat will thank you.