Introducing our novelties, thoughtfully curated to celebrate the ever-changing beauty of each season. With our dedication to quality and timeless design, our pieces complement any décor style, adding an extra touch of charm to any space.

Santa Claus

36" Figure

Holiday Angel

18" Figure

Santa Claus

18" Figure


16" Plush


Stocking Holder

Nordic Lantern

8.5" Iron LED Lantern

Gold Christmas Tree

24" Iron Tabletop Décor

Ceramic LED Tree

11.5" Tabletop Décor

Ombre Sisal Tree

9" Tabletop Décor

Faux Sherpa Reindeer

13.5" Tabletop Décor

Holiday Gnome

7.5" Tabletop Décor

Winter Bird

7" Tabletop Décor

Nordic Knit

Santa Hat with Faux Fur


10.5" Christmas Headband

Easter Baskets

13" Bamboo Baskets

Purple Easter Basket

16" Lined Easter Basket

Easter Bunny

10" Basket

Easter Bunny

22" Standing Tabletop Décor

Easter Birds

7" Tabletop Décor

Bunny Easter Eggs

8 Ct Fillable Easter Eggs

Glitter Bunny

1 Ct 5.9" Large Easter Egg



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