5 Reasons To Buy An Artificial Tree Instead Of A Real Tree This Christmas

5 Reasons To Buy An Artificial Tree Instead Of A Real Tree This Christmas

Whether you’re the kind of person who decorates your Christmas tree each year after Halloween, Thanksgiving, or even waits until Christmas Eve, there’s actually just one main difference between all of you: whether you are decorating a real Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree.

Here at Gigi Seasons, we’re invested in all things Christmas. From designer Christmas stockings to modern Christmas tree skirts, rustic tree ornaments, and more, we have all you need to make this your most stylish, festive Christmas yet — including the realistic, artificial Christmas trees. Read our blog today to find out five reasons to choose a quality, artificial Christmas tree instead of a real one, and then buy a Christmas tree online with us today!

They look real

If you’re desperately searching “Where to buy artificial Christmas trees” and you’re nervous that it won’t look authentic, stop! With modern advances in technology and design these days, you can find real-looking artificial Christmas trees out there with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Fake Christmas trees that look real will have your guests doing double-takes all season long. Here at Gigi Seasons, for example, we use excellent technology to make our lifelike Christmas trees so, well, lifelike! Whether it’s the Noelle Tree with realistic pinecones and berries, the Meadow’s End Blue Spruce Tree with authentic-looking blue tips, or the Mt. Balsa Tree with angular, soft branches, you’re in for a real treat.

They don’t carry bugs or diseases

Sure, going to the Christmas tree lot and finding the perfect tree may be a good dose of holiday fun, but what about when you bring the tree home and find bugs or other diseases? You don’t want those creepy-crawlies in your home! With a fake Christmas tree that looks real, you never run this hazard!

They have a lower risk of fire

Yes, large, artificial Christmas trees can still catch on fire. However, forgetting to water them isn’t going to cause the fire! Real-looking, artificial Christmas trees aren’t going to have branches that dry out and pose a fire hazard. So, even though you’re running electricity to the tree, which generates heat, your chance of fire is still far lower.

They are more economical

The average amount of money spent on a real tree in 2016 was $74.70; the average spent on an artificial tree in 2016 was $98.70. While the cost of the lifelike Christmas tree is higher, it’s not a repeated cost year after year! Up to 55 percent of people plan to display an artificial tree for at least 10 years, meaning you won’t repeat that cost over and over again like you would for a real tree.

Finances are certainly something to consider this year. There will be an average of $1,007.24 spent per family this year, which is up 4.1 percent from what was spent last year.

They are more convenient

Does anyone actually like sweeping up needles every day (and for a while after the tree has been taken out of the house)? What about crawling underneath to water the tree? What about stringing all those lights and getting stabbed by needles in the process? When you buy a Christmas tree online from us, you don’t have to worry about any of that — it even comes pre-strung with lights!

Try a Gigi Seasons Lifelike Christmas tree this year

What are you waiting for? A real-looking, artificial Christmas tree from Gigi Seasons is the way to go. Our trees look real, save you money, and feature an easy set-up and take-down. Buy a Christmas tree online today.