6 Christmas Activities You & The Kids Will Love

6 Christmas Activities You & The Kids Will Love

December is a magical month for us — but think about what it was like when you were younger. The anticipation of Santa Claus coming hung in the air, the stack of presents beneath the tree grew with each new day, and the stockings filled to the brim on Christmas morning was enough to just about make you explode with happiness (and sugar).

Relive some of that Christmas magic for yourself and help the children in your life feel connected to the season when you fill the month with activities they’ll love. In today’s blog, we’re filling you in on some of our favorite Christmas activities — some of which will help you know just what to put in their stocking. Buy Christmas stockings from Gigi Seasons today so you’re ready to make the season as magical as ever!

Decorate Gingerbread Houses

Let them show off their creativity.

Whether you feel inspired from “The Great British Bake Off” and are baking from scratch or you’re assembling a pre-made kit, this will let your nieces and nephews, grandchildren, or children express their artistic side — while also sneaking some sugar here and there.

Make Treats For The Dog’s Stocking

The puppy Christmas stockings will be complete!

Your furry friends need treats for their dog holiday stocking, too! Find some recipes online for dog treats and make it a fun day in the kitchen for the whole family. The kids will love contributing to the pet holiday stockings.

Build A Snowman

Get active and have the perfect photo op.

Get outside and achieve the perfect photo for your Instagram! Building Frosty will be the ideal activity for getting outside and being active — and you can bundle up inside with some hot cocoa afterward.

Find Stocking Stuffers

Fill cute Christmas stockings with their favorite items.

Help them fill beautiful Christmas stockings with gifts for their siblings or friends. If they really get creative and the gift is large, go ahead and wrap it and put it under the tree!

Watch A Christmas Movie

Cuddle up and watch a heartwarming movie together.

Whether it’s just too cold outside to bear or you’re all feeling tired after a full day of activities, watch a movie! You can alternate between your favorite classics and new ones they want to watch.

Write Letters To Santa

You’ll have beautiful Christmas stockings — with just the right gifts.

It’s the best time of year to write a letter to Santa. During this time, you’ll even be able to get an idea for what they really want both under the tree and in their cute Christmas stocking.

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