9 Unique Ways To Hang Christmas Stockings

9 Unique Ways To Hang Christmas Stockings

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there,” is the classic line in Clement Clarke Moore’s poem, but how many people can feasibly hang their Christmas stockings by the chimney these days?

Whether there is a lack of space, a different taste in style, or not even a chimney to be found in your home, Gigi Seasons has you covered. All of our designer Christmas stockings deserve to be shown off all season long, and you don’t need the traditional mantle to make it happen. In our blog today, we’re going to discuss nine fashionable, stylish ways to hang Christmas stockings — whether you have dog and cat Christmas stockings or even the most fancy Christmas stockings, these ideas should do the trick. See which style will work best for you, and then buy Christmas stockings from Gigi Seasons today!

On Bedposts

That faux fur stocking will turn up the coziness of your room, trust us. And, really, all of your cute Christmas stockings will look great in your room or your children’s rooms! Simply use ribbon, twine, or even hooks to hang the stockings from either the headboard or footboard. Everyone will be so excited when they find goodies from Santa Claus right in their room.

On The Mantle

OK, yes — we said we’d give you unique ways to hang Christmas stockings. But this list would be remiss without referencing the holiday classic! If you have a mantle, decorate it with cute Christmas stockings that show your personality and style. Simply find weighted stocking holders and you won’t even need to pull out the tools!

On Dresser Knobs

If you have an entertainment unit, dresser, or the like in your living room, why not take advantage of it this holiday? You will, of course, decorate it with your favorite nostalgic Christmas decorations, so decorate the front as well! Hanging your beautiful Christmas stockings from the knobs will free up space, add holiday vibes, and be useful!

On A Coat Rack Or Coat Tree

Here at Gigi Seasons, this is one of our favorite methods for rustic holiday decor, but you truly could make it work with our Rustichic, Boho Lodge, or Bougie collections! It would just take a bit of creativity on your part to dress up the coat rack or coat tree with holiday decor that adds to the vibes. Pearls and silver would turn the coat tree into a bougie vision, whereas some red and black paint on the coat rack could make it worthy of your very own boho lodge.

On An Archway

Do you have an archway from the living room to another room in the house? Hang your designer Christmas stockings there! This underutilized space will fit your stockings just right — and it can serve as a transition between your living room decorations and your colorful Christmas decorations in the rest of your home. Not to mention, having your stockings hung high will alleviate the worry that your pets or kids could get into them too soon!

On A Branch

We see this stocking idea working perfectly for either a rustichic Christmas or a boho lodge Christmas! Find a large branch outside that will fit on a wall in your living room, add some greenery or baubles, and hang your Christmas stockings! It’s a perfect way to bring in a more rustic, down-to-earth vibe — and it’s fully functional!

On A Bookcase

The bibliophile in us all loves to draw attention to our bookcase, so why not do it after you buy Christmas stockings? Use weighted stocking holders or hooks to hang your beautiful Christmas stockings. This will add color to your bookcase and reignite your love of books — all season long. You could even collect your Christmas books together to match or color coordinate them with your favorite holiday colors.

On A Stairwell

Your kids will fly down the stairs come Christmas morning — go ahead and hang your fancy Christmas stockings right where they’ll be! Even if you don’t have children, hanging stockings here is creative, adds holiday decor to a frequently missed area, and is space-effective. Whether you hang them from the garland on the banister or use weighted stocking holders to hang them from the outer edge of the step, this is the perfect way to show off your favorite Rudolph Christmas stocking (and all of your other cute Christmas stockings).

On A Window

And, finally, last but not least — the coveted window for hanging designer Christmas stockings. This will show off your festivity to anyone walking down the street, and if you have shiny or metallic Christmas stockings, then you can truly let your love of Christmas shine! Each time the light catches your window, those silver Christmas stockings will shine as bright as your personality. You can use weighted stocking holders again, but that’s not the only option! You could hang them from the top of the window frame or even use your window locks. Leave us a comment if you come up with another way to do it!

Now you know how you want to hang your Christmas stockings, but do you know where to buy Christmas stockings? From Gigi Seasons of course! From puppy Christmas stockings to kitten Christmas stockings, denim Christmas stockings, jute Christmas stockings, and much more, Gigi Seasons is your source to buy Christmas stockings. Find designer stockings that match your style today!