Best Washing Techniques For Tree Skirts

Best Washing Techniques For Tree Skirts

As Christmas has come to its end and you’ve packed up your tree and all of your decorations, you’ll want to make sure everything is clean — there’s nothing worse than opening your boxes come December this year only to discover your burlap tree skirt has a stain on it or your faux fur tree skirt is covered in cat hair!

Here at Gigi Seasons, we’re your resource for all things Christmas. From providing lifelike Christmas trees or bougie Christmas ornaments to telling you the best stocking stuffers for puppy Christmas stockings, we have you covered. Seeing as you most likely took down your Christmas tree in the last week or two, we figured we could let you know the best way to clean your holiday tree skirts so they’ll be in great shape when the holiday season comes around. If you notice your tree skirt looks old and tired or simply doesn’t match your style anymore, then check out our tree skirts for sale! Here at Gigi Seasons, we offer modern tree skirts that you’ll love.

Check The Material

Before washing anything, it’s important to check the care instructions — whether it’s your favorite sweater or a luxury Christmas tree skirt. For example, we offer lots of jute tree skirts, faux fur tree skirts, and sequin tree skirts that will require very different care than a simple cotton tree skirt would.

Spot Clean

Depending on the material or the problem, a spot clean may be just right to get it cleaned up and back to looking great. For our tree skirts for sale, we recommend spot cleaning with a damp white cloth and blotting to remove excess water.

Use A Garment Bag

If your modern tree skirt really needs a bath and spot cleaning won’t cut it, then be sure to wash on a cold, gentle cycle and use a garment bag. The garment bag will protect it from getting caught on anything else and will keep it protected. Cold water is just as important as the garment bag — it will help prevent your holiday tree skirt from shrinking.

Air Dry

Last but certainly not least, it’s vital that you air dry or luxury tree skirt, be it a faux fur tree skirt, sequin tree skirt, or even our one-of-a-kind snow tree skirt. If possible, lay your tree skirt flat for drying — this will best preserve the integrity of the material and prevent wrinkles from appearing (though you can always iron it, depending on the material).

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