Christmas Design Ideas: DIY Traditional Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas Design Ideas: DIY Traditional Christmas Tree Decor


Whether you’re simply feeling crafty or you’re a parent looking for hands-on activities to do with your kids, is there a better time than December for the magic to happen? From transforming plain white paper into intricately cut snowflakes to stringing cranberries along your lifelike Christmas tree, December is often a month for quality time spent with the family.

If you need some Christmas design ideas for your holidays this year, why not throw it back with some nostalgic Christmas decorations you can make at home? Your kids or your friends alike will love it, and it will help to amplify the magical feeling of Christmas this year. And if you’re unsure of where to buy Christmas decorations or you simply need Christmas design ideas, shop with Gigi Seasons. Find out which Christmas style you are and order or make all of your classy Christmas decorations today!

Cranberry Garland

If you want rustic Christmas decorating ideas, then there’s no way you can pass up a good opportunity to string cranberries on your lifelike Christmas tree! A cranberry garland adds a bright pop of red to your tree, is easy to make, and is affordable — what more could you want? Pour some eggnog and hot cocoa and get stringing cranberries; you’ll need a lot of this colorful Christmas decoration to make your tree stand out.

Popcorn Garland

Similar to a cranberry garland, a popcorn garland is the ultimate accessory when it comes to rustic holiday decor. This garland will add a subtle white-yellow color to your tree, and, again, it’s easy and affordable! Just be careful if you have any pets that like to snoop around your tree and eat this tasty garland.

Tree Stump Ornaments

When the kids are home for the winter break or when you and your pals want to do a fun activity while indulging in a Christmas movie marathon, this is the Christmas design idea for you. Simply buy some small tree stumps or find some in your backyard or while out on a hike. Grab some paint, markers, and string, and you’re in business! Paint designs on the wood, glue them together to create a snowman, or write the year. This rustic holiday decor will only get more special over the years — and it will give you a happy memory each Christmas.

Pinecone Ornaments

Another affordable, easy Christmas design idea simply involves grabbing some pinecones from the backyard and attaching some string! Before hanging the pinecones, be sure to bake them (at 200 degrees on a foil-lined dish for 30 minutes) so no bugs, sap, etc. will find their way into your home. You can be as creative or simple as you want with this! Glue on berries and nestle them into the branches or paint the pinecones. A red and green will certainly give a nostalgic look, but you could also do white with silver or gold for a more modern vibe.

Order Nostalgic Christmas Decorations From Gigi Seasons

Do all of these Christmas design ideas sound perfect for your home this holiday season? In that case, the Rustichic or the Boho Lodge collection from Gigi Seasons is for you. Both collections of new Christmas decorations feature faux fur and cozy fabrics that match your traditional style, but both also offer a modern twist you’ll love.

Burlap, denim, and crisp whites make a comeback in the Rustichic collection, and the Boho Lodge collection is full of bold red, black, and white that match your bold personality. The holiday wired ribbon in both collections would look great with your DIY garlands — and both have painted or silver-tipped pinecones ready to go! Shop with Gigi Seasons today for your new Christmas decorations.