Located near Shaba National Park, Kachiuru Primary School provides education to 173 children taught by 12 teachers. The area where the school is located is categorized as a hardship area because of insecurity and lack of social amenities.

Their most urgent need was a school administration block with a staff room to replace two small, makeshift wooden structures the headteacher shared with his staff. This new facility was a great incentive for the teachers and it went a long way in helping the school motivate the current staff and attract good quality staff in the future. 

Gigi Cares committed all the funds needed to build and equip this new school administration block.

To learn more, visit Kachiuru Primary School.

The Land and Life Foundation works towards a sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together across conservation areas, safeguarding nature for the next generation. They support schools near key conservation areas in Kenya and Tanzania by raising funds for their development priorities and providing school supplies.


Update: Gigi Cares donated classroom desks to the school.

November 2020 Update: The construction of the new Kachiuru Primary School administration building begins.

January 2021 Update: The Kachiuru School's administration block construction is progressing with interior floor and walls almost complete. Keying and molding will follow. As these updates continue, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have such wonderful supporters and that we are able to accomplish so much more together. We are truly grateful for all the love.

February 2021 Update: With a fresh coat of pain, the school's new administration building is beginning to come alive with color.

February 27th, 2021 Update: We're excited to announce that the Kachiuru Primary School's new administration block is officially complete! Both the faculty and students alike are excited for the new building. This new building creates more space for new faculty and improves the overall quality of the community and school.