One sole teacher has responsibilities for 100 students – ages 2 to 7 – at the Morijo Primary School. Their needs are great.

Their current, critical needs are clean drinking water and an additional classroom.

Gigi Cares has committed all the funds needed to construct an additional classroom and install piping to a borehole about 1 km away that will pump clean water to the school. These two investments will provide the students of Morijo safe drinking water and expand their facilities to increase their enrollment and attract new teachers.

To learn more, visit Morijo Primary School.

The Land and Life Foundation works towards a sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together across conservation areas, safeguarding nature for the next generation. They support schools near key conservation areas in Kenya and Tanzania by raising funds for their development priorities and providing school supplies.

November 2020 Update: The construction of the new Morijo Primary School classroom commenced.

Gigi Cares Social Good Initiative - the construction of a new classroom began for the Morijo Primary School in Northern Kenya. Shop Small with the power to do social good.

December 2020 Update: The new classroom structure now is complete with a roof. The plumbing and piping work are still in progress for the school's new clean drinking water system.

The Morijo Primary School's New Classroom is almost complete.

The school's new clean drinking water system is still in progress.

January 2021 Update: With just additional paint and finishing touches to go, the new classroom is almost complete and ready for the teachers and students.

February 2021 Update: We're happy to announce that the new classroom is finished and ready for class. This additional classroom allows the Morijo Primary School to accommodate more students, guiding them to a better future. 

Together, we are make a greater impact on the lives of many.