Spring Cleaning: Christmas Decorations 101

Spring Cleaning: Christmas Decorations 101

Your bulbs are beginning to burst up from the ground, the mornings are finally getting lighter, and the birds can be heard chirping every day now. Not really a logical time to think about Christmas design ideas or decor, right?

It is the time, however, to think about Spring Cleaning! Dusting off every surface, sweeping and wiping in nooks and crannies, and implementing the KonMari method on, well, everything is the perfect time to think about your Christmas ornaments and decorations. As you clean the rest of your house this spring, it’s important to not neglect your various boxes of all things Christmas.

Here at Gigi Seasons, we aim to be your resource for Christmas all year and provide Christmas design ideas whenever we can. In today’s blog, though, we’re going to delve into just what Spring Cleaning means for your Christmas ornaments and decorations. Keep reading to find out how to clean everything just right, and then get to cleaning!

Keep Decor You Love

That tired old garland that isn’t doing anyone any favors is simply taking up space in your garage. Instead of keeping old decorations that you don’t even want to put up, donate or throw away what you don’t use. Then, find classy Christmas decorations, rustic holiday decor, or high-end Christmas decorations that truly represent your personality. You can get Christmas design ideas from our three different collections: Rustichic, Boho Lodge, and Bougie.

Label Everything

Come November or December this year, and you won’t have a clue what’s in one blue box vs. another black box. Take the guesswork out of Christmas ornaments and decorations, along with saving stress and time, by clearly labeling all of your boxes. This will help you pull out just what you need when you need it when the time to decorate (finally) arrives!

Pack Carefully

Those high-end Christmas decorations from Europe should be wrapped in tissue paper, but your child’s homemade Christmas ornaments (macaroni, anyone?) may be fine stacked carefully in a box. From storing wreaths and garlands to storing fragile decorations, it’s essential you pack everything carefully in their container — and in your storage area. For example, you don’t want your heavy Christmas tree sitting atop your fragile ornaments. Labeling boxes, as mentioned earlier, can help you with your packing!

Use Waterproof Containers

Heaven forbid a flood or water damage occurs; however, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Water damage (or smoke, pest, or any other form of damage) could ruin a lot of your Christmas decorations, including memorable, irreplaceable ones from your children. A cardboard box simply won’t do the trick. Instead, find high-quality, protective containers that will keep your classy Christmas decorations as classy as possible for years to come.

Consider The Space

Is the outside shed more likely to damage your colorful Christmas decorations than your spare room is? Is the storage space simply too small, leading to you stacking boxes that really shouldn’t be stacked? It’s vital that you find a good space for your rustic holiday decor! Find a protected, well-ventilated space that’s easy to access and has enough room for all of your Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Count On Gigi Seasons For Christmas Design Ideas

We live and breathe Christmas all year-round — we should be your go-to source for Christmas design ideas and new Christmas decorations. If, while cleaning out your holiday stash this spring, you find items you don’t want anymore, then replace them with contemporary Christmas decorations from yours truly. It’ll feel just like Christmas when our colorful Christmas decorations arrive at your door — even if December is months away. Shop today!