Tips For Organizing Your Christmas Decorations

Tips For Organizing Your Christmas Decorations

How was untangling all those Christmas lights this year? And did you love finding broken ornaments in your box full of nostalgic Christmas decorations? Organization is key when it comes to Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Here at Gigi Seasons, we frequently share Christmas design ideas with you, such as how to determine what Christmas style you are or DIY traditional Christmas tree decor. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a bit of a different approach. Christmas was yesterday, and, sad as we may be that it’s over, that means we’re even closer to Christmas 2019! We’re sure you’ll leave your high-end Christmas decorations, Christmas tree, and more up for at least another few days, but we’ll get this blog out there as a resource to help you pack it all up in a way that makes next year easier. And if you still need new Christmas decorations? Well, shop our classy Christmas decorations that are currently on sale!

Think Of Next Year

Were there some dated ornaments and decorations in your supply this year that didn’t give you a thrill when you placed them on the tree? Donate them or dispose of them in another way. At Gigi Seasons, we believe that all of your Christmas ornaments and decorations should make you happy and match your personality.

It’s also wise to pack the items you’ll use soonest next year at the top of boxes or toward the front of your storage space.

Find A System For Your Lights

Lights. They’re both the worst and the best part of the holiday season. Search around to find a system that works for you and your Christmas light storage. Be sure that whatever you choose protects the bulbs — you don’t want to have to deal with broken bulbs and fuses next year if you can avoid it!

Protect Your Ornaments

From your most nostalgic Christmas decorations to your high-end Christmas decorations, you want everything to be protected. Pack your ornaments in small boxes and insulate layers with tissue paper, styrofoam peanuts, or other soft materials. Gather like ornaments together so they’re easier to pack according to shape. When you place these boxes in your storage with the rest of your colorful Christmas decorations, be sure they don’t end up on the bottom!

Label Everything

And, last but certainly not least, be sure to label everything! Whether you use large plastic totes or cardboard boxes, there’s nothing worse than looking through box after box when you just need to grab something in a pinch. Labeling will create organization that you’ll be grateful for when you pull out all of your classy Christmas decorations next winter.

Get Christmas Design Ideas From Gigi Seasons

It’s never too late to start brainstorming Christmas design ideas for next year! If you’re unsure of where to buy Christmas decorations, then Gigi Seasons is the company for you! Everything is organized into our Rustichic, Bougie, and Boho Lodge collections, and our high-end Christmas decorations will delight you and help spread the Christmas cheer year after year.