What To Put Inside Puppy Christmas Stockings And Stockings For Cats

What To Put Inside Puppy Christmas Stockings And Stockings For Cats

Your furry friends are family, and here at Gigi Seasons, we understand that. Just as you’ll buy Christmas stockings and hang them by the chimney with care for your children, we expect you’ll do the same for your pets. From puppy Christmas stockings to stockings for cats, we have you covered.

Buy Christmas stockings from Gigi Seasons today (even if they’re not for the pets! We have cute Christmas stockings for the whole family!), and read our blog for ideas on just what your pets want from Santa Paws this year. It’s going to be a great howl-iday when you have pet holiday stockings.


It was the first idea on everyone’s minds when we mentioned dog and cat Christmas stockings: treats. If you’re a pet parent who loves spoiling your furry friend, then you finally have a rock-solid excuse — it’s Christmas! Grab your pup’s favorite treats for their dog holiday stocking, the snacks that make your cat go crazy for their kitten Christmas stocking, and don’t be afraid to make a few homemade treats as well! Sneaking some catnip from Santa Paws into the kitten Christmas stocking is a sure winner.


What pet doesn’t love having a new toy (to rip apart by the end of Christmas day)? A pet holiday stocking is the perfect vessel to hold all of the new toys. Tennis balls, chew toys, and feathers will be right at home in a cute Christmas stocking. Pet holiday stockings should be large enough to hold all the toys, and the dog and cat Christmas stockings from Gigi Seasons certainly are. Buy Christmas stockings today and see for yourself!


As a dog mama or papa, you also know that the month-to-month essentials for your pets add up. We’re not saying you need to buy a giant bag of dog food or kitty litter and call it a “present.” Simply opt for some, say, smaller essentials that can go a long way. Maybe your dog needs a new collar or you’re running low on bags. Perhaps your cat could use a festive collar. If your dog or cat is adventurous outdoors with you, add to their adventure with a first aid kit, new backpack, or footies. From teeth cleaning supplies to sweaters for the cold weather or a fresh, new leash, your dog and cat Christmas stockings can hold it all!

DNA Test

Whether you adopted your furry family member this year or years ago, it can be nice to find out what breeds they are! If you’ve debated spending money on a dog or cat DNA test to avoid paying for something “unnecessary,” go ahead and make it a gift this Christmas. You can put the kit in the pet holiday stocking. Or, if you like surprises just as much as your pets do, do the test in advance and put the results in the dog holiday stocking or stocking for your cat; on Christmas morning, you’ll be just as excited to see what’s in their stocking as you are to look in your beautiful Christmas stocking!