When Is It Time To Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

When Is It Time To Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

Taking down and packing up your Christmas tree can feel like a sudden loss of magic in your home: Where are the twinkly lights? What happened to my favorite ornaments? Where did all the greenery go?

It can be hard to bring yourself to terms with taking down all things Christmas if you’re a fan of the holiday — it can make you feel like a downright Grinch! After you buy a Christmas tree online and have everything set up just so, we understand if you don’t want the magic of the season to disappear just yet. Here at Gigi Seasons, we prolong that magic for as long as possible! This blog will answer when to take down your Christmas tree for a variety of reasons. Keep reading to learn more, or shop our realistic, artificial Christmas trees today to feel festive for even longer!

For A Fresh Start

We get it — New Year, new you. If you’re looking to get started with 2019 and simply have a fresh start, then there are a few popular dates for packing up your tree:

  • Dec. 31 - It has the potential to get in the way of your NYE plans, but you’ll truly start 2019 off fresh by having your tree down before the New Year.
  • 1st week of January - No need to rush, right? Your lifelike Christmas tree brings joy to your living room. Have it down sometime within the first week of January and you’ll still be starting fresh.

For Religious Reasons

Christmas is a holiday with a religious history, so it only makes sense that there would be religious traditions indicating when to take down your tree:

  • By Jan. 6 - According to Twelvetide (the 12 Days of Christmas), Jan. 5 is the 12th day of Christmas, so people should take down their trees by Jan. 6, the day after.
  • Jan. 7 - This is the day after Epiphany, so many Catholics will leave their trees up until now.

For Getting The Holiday Over With

Not necessarily ready for the New Year — but ready to be done with Christmas? Go ahead and take your large, artificial Christmas tree down on Dec. 26. You’ll have more space to play games and have fun with friends and family for the rest of the winter break.

For Prolonging The Holiday

If you think anyone taking down their Christmas tree in December — or even at all — is a modern-day Grinch or Scrooge, then consider these dates:

  • Late January - The tree will be up and lifting your spirits for the entire cold, long month of January.
  • When the tree dries out - Some people who have real Christmas trees — not just real-looking trees like ours at Gigi Seasons — prefer to leave the tree up as long as possible.
  • Never - Why not leave your tree up year-round? You can decorate it with a new theme every month.
Do you need to buy a Christmas tree online? Now is the best time! You can find great prices when you buy Christmas trees online after the season has ended — and you’ll know just what you want since you just went through the decorating process! Shop with Gigi Seasons today for a realistic, artificial Christmas tree you’ll love for years to come.