Decorating Your Tree

What’s a good way to put up Christmas ornaments?

Cue the music, start the fire, and put on some cozy slippers — it’s tree-decorating time. Modern Christmas tree decorations should represent your personality and make you more excited than ever to decorate your tree.

We recommend starting with the garland or ribbon (which both come with your “One-Click Room” collection. There are many different ways to use garland and everyone has a favorite. If you’re not sure how you’d like to use the garland or ribbon, check here for ideas.

Once the garland is in place, lay your modern Christmas ornaments out and group them according to size and color. Find the bag of hooks and spread them out across a flat surface. Now imagine you’re a painter creating a mosaic! Vary lights and darks, shiny and matte finishes. We recommend using the larger sized balls on the bottom and smaller ones toward the top. Alternate color and texture as much as possible, and be sure to use the outside and inside tips.

Don’t be afraid to fill the tree sparingly at first. Then stand back and fill in where needed. Once your tree is decorated, spread out the tree skirt and admire your work! Your new Christmas decorations should make your tree — and the rest of the room — match your personality and put you in a festive spirit.