Why Our Trees? Why Us?

Christmas means so many things to so many people. Sure, it’s a holiday celebrated worldwide with the weight of thousands of years of history behind it. But over time, the heft of that tradition has done something terrible: It has squished Christmas — and that famous symbol of it, the familiar Christmas tree — into something stale, staid, boring. Enter Gigi Seasons, a different sort of online Christmas store. 

Let’s explain what sets us apart. A lot of companies sell home furnishings, and a lot of companies sell Christmas decorations and, you know what, sometimes the stuff they sell simply looks tired. The lifelike large artificial Christmas trees and modern decorations Gigi Seasons offers are anything but the outmoded, unoriginal stuff you’ll find in those other places. We’re here to kickstart Christmas and make your decorations anything but ordinary. 

Think about your grandma. She’s probably an incredible woman, but you wouldn’t want your wardrobe to look the same as hers. So why should your Christmas? That’s why we’ve made it so you can shop for fully decorated Christmas trees online in packages that have just as much individuality as you do. No matter your personal style, we have an option that makes Yuletime feel fresh and personal. Rather than yanking old boxes out of the attic or some undisturbed closet, try the artistically unconventional flourishes of our Boho Lodge package, the luxurious glamour of our Bougie package, or the classic-with-a-twist panache of our Rustichic package. 

But don’t think you’re restricted to our pre-selected sets! We sell a wide selection of trees, ornaments, tree skirts, stockings, and ribbons. Take a little from here, a little from there, mix and match, and make a Christmas-decoration combination that’s every bit as unique as you are. Gigi Seasons has something for everyone. 

In fact, our commitment to individuality extends to the very construction our high-quality artificial Christmas trees. We construct our pre-lit, faux trees with virgin Nanyan PVC and high-quality lights. That means our trees’ thousands of branch tips always spring back and don’t look crushed when you pop them out after 11 months in a bag or box. Everyone knows how painful it is to peer at a skeletal, shedding artificial tree. But the numerous extruded-plastic tips of our faux trees will make your friends and loved ones swear they’re looking at the real thing — year after year after year. Find a fresh Christmas that’s yours and yours alone at Gigi Seasons!