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Bougie One-Click Room


These high-end Christmas decorations will ensure you have a bougie little Christmas

If you can’t get a little bougie at Christmas, then when can you? Fill your living room with cozy cool glam this year when you get designer Christmas decorations from the Bougie collection. Even better, save time; simply order here with a click, and get all the new Christmas decorations you need: a large, high-quality artificial tree, a fluffy tree skirt, 180 ornaments, four cozy stockings, and some classy ribbon to wrap it all up.

By purchasing the entire room, you'll automatically save 30% off the total price.
If we are offering a discount larger than 30%, simply enter that code at checkout and that discount will be applied instead!

One-Click Rooms take away the hassle of piecing together your Christmas decor from scratch, and we deliver everything straight to your door, shipped free!