Setting Up Your One-Click Room

You’re about to have the Bougie Little Christmas, Boho Lodge Christmas, or Rustichic Christmas of your dreams, and we couldn’t be happier for you. When we started Gigi Seasons, we wanted people to be able to express themselves and their unique personality with Christmas decorations, which is just what you can do with our One-Click Rooms.” Let’s get started.

How do I set up my one-click whole room decor?

First, we recommend putting on some favorite tunes because makes everything better. Try our Spotify playlists for each Gigi collection: Rustichic Tunes, Bougie Little Christmas Tunes, Boho Lodge Tunes. Then whip up some eggnog — here's one of our favorite recipes.

Next, we recommend starting with the lifelike Christmas tree. You most likely chose Gigi Seasons because you wanted to buy a Christmas tree online that looked realistic. Learn more about our large, artificial Christmas trees and what sets them apart. Finally, your Gigi tree is super simple to set up (especially when you watch this video)!

Here’s a trick we learned: once you have the stand in place, place your modern tree skirt over it; it’s easier to get the skirt around the tree without the tree actually there. You may want to keep it bunched up around the stand to keep it clean while you’re working on the setup.

Once it’s all fluffed and lit, take a break from the tree and hang the stockings — and this always goes better when there’s a fire going, so go ahead and start your fire!

Now it’s time for ornaments. Have fun placing your fancy Christmas ornaments just where you want them, being sure to space everything out evenly.

You’re all done! You can do more finishing touches here and there with your new Christmas decorations, but your room is well on its way to being fully decorated.