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How We Give Back

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Gigi cares about the quality of every product you purchase from Gigi Seasons as well as each experience you have with the Gigi Seasons’ customer service team.

And Gigi is committed to make sure that the items you purchase create opportunities and open doors for artisans, manufactures and their dedicated workers.

But Gigi’s care extends so much further.

Gigi Cares: Projects for Humanity is the philanthropic arm of Gigi Seasons – and the cornerstone of our mission because Gigi believes that success only matters if it is used to help lift up others and offer them the tools they need to live better lives.

Thank you for being a part of that vision. To learn how a portion of your purchase will support the Gananko Primary School and the Animal Care League, please read more below.

Gananko Primary School

Goal: Funding for new school kitchen

While traveling in Tanzania in early 2019, Gigi was introduced to the Ganako Primary School. A school of nearly 500 students - ages 5 to 13 - taught by 18 teachers, these children walk or cycle up to 12 km each way daily to gain access to their ticket to a promising future: an education.

The school is in desperate need of a kitchen. The wooden shack which previously served as a "kitchen" has blown away by strong winds so the staff now prepare the limited food they can in the open. Our goal is to donate the needed funds to build and equip this kitchen providing the students of the school with nutrition and nourishment as they pursue their goals of education and growth. Part of your Gigi Seasons purchase will go towards this fundraising goal.

Gananko Makeshift Kitchen
The former structure used as a makeshift kitchen.

Gananko New Kitchen
The new kitchen we will help them build!

We'll post updates of the progress!
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Goal: Expansion of support services

The Animal Care League was founded in 1973 in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb adjacent to Chicago. Since then, this wonderful organization has been committed to providing shelter, medical care, and comfort to animals in need.

Now an institution for humane animal care in the Chicago area, their capacity is often exceeded. Despite their limitations, they stick to their mission of providing every animal that comes through their door the best opportunity to find a new home. They keep adoptable animals no matter how long it takes to find them a loving new human.

$1 of every "Pet" item you buy from Gigi Seasons will go towards our continued support of the Animal Care League, helping them afford the resources they need for the animals in their care, and support for finding these animals the perfect home.

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